Together We Can Resolve The Nutritional Paradox

Voices from the BEevent

We are blessed with the overwhelming positive Feedback of our first BEevent in Kuala Lumpur in 2019. We have selected some quotes from Erich Erber Ph.D (Founder & President ERBER AG), Prof. Sayed Azam-Ali (CEO, Crops For the Future) and Prof. Per Pinstrup-Andersen (Professor Emeritus, Cornell University and World Food Prize Winner).

All this motivates us even more to resolve the Nutritional Paradox on our journey to healthier people and a healthier planet. Please read their kind words.

Prof. Sayed Azam-AliCEO, Crops For the Future

First, my congratulations for organising and delivering such an outstanding event – I stand in awe of your achievement and vision. Second, please pass on my thanks to the really outstanding team behind you who made it happen with enthusiasm, tact and where necessary firmness. We were very happy to help wherever requested but it was an easy fit. Third, my apologies for not thanking you in person as I had to rush to a skype call at the end of the event.

I do hope that we can build on this – we will do our part. Regards, Sayed

Per Pinstrup-AndersenProfessor Emeritus, Cornell University

Great event! Thank you for including me. I am very impressed by the initiatives you are leading. Your work gives a whole new and exciting meaning to terms such “thinking outside the box” and “innovative thinking and action”. What NamZ is doing under your leadership is what I have been asking for but without having the power to take to implementation. While the group work and related conversations were very interesting, the introduction and tasting of the products under development were particularly eye opening. It can be done! You and your colleagues are walking the talk. I will be following your progress and I will do what I can to create awareness of NamZ and what it is doing. Yes, feel free to use my feedback to publicly share it at your NP homepage.

It was a great pleasure meeting you and your highly motivated team. With best regards, Per

Erich Erber Ing. PhDFounder & President ERBER AG

Once again thanks for the invitation and congratulation for the great success of the event. I was a bit sceptical if a Three and half day event with such a diverse group of people can bring in a tangible result. And I was very positively surprised about the output and outcome. The first day was wonderful with the warm up and first group work and great dinner cooking event. The second day Madhavan and I had to carve out ourselves and this day was also very positive – even on a complete other agenda. Thursday was in my view the best day in form of having a prototype and tangible results. The new formation of groups and topics was a great thing to do? And I have to say that the design and tools used are really cool and world class!! Lego was something “hoooow “? But it was great at the end! And “Trust the process” was feelable despite the fact that our Muslim friends where fighting the Ramadan fatigue!

Thanks for everything and have a great weekend and some relaxing time after all this hard work! Best regards, Erich.