Together We Can Resolve The Nutritional Paradox

The Eco-Business writing about our BEevent

We are very proud to have Asia Pacific’s leading digital media company, the Eco-Business, reporting on the efforts of our BEevent and on NamZ’s planned products.

“NamZ, a nutrition start-up based in Singapore, is one of them. It is currently experimenting with several products which aim to fulfil the criteria of being healthier, affordable and environmentally sustainable.

Christoph Langwallner, co-founder of NamZ, said they currently have two food products in the pipeline. One is healthier instant noodles dehydrated through steaming and high-velocity air rather than deep-frying to keep it shelf stable. A production line with the capacity of 350 million portions of instant noodles a year is currently under construction in the Philippines, and aims to send its first products to the market by the third quarter of this year.”

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