Together We Can Resolve The Nutritional Paradox

Stuart Higgins

Founder Oikoi Pty LtdPT CHC

Having been a farmer in Australia for 16 years, Stuart developed a close affinity with nature, agriculture and the people and communities who build their lives around it. A Masters of Agricultural Science and producing award winning radio and short films taught him that when communicated well, applied research can empower people to change.

Fifteen years of international agricultural consulting and project management, including living in Indonesia for three years, broadened his understanding of the critical role culture plays in decision making. Stuart is no longer on the farm and is now the Founder and Director of Oikoi Pty Ltd (Australia) and PT CHC (Indonesia). The vision for both companies is to implement science-based systems and technologies that make people excited about their future. Agriculture, applied research and storytelling are his passions.