Together We Can Resolve The Nutritional Paradox

Meera Vasudevan


Meera Vasudevan is an entrepreneur who spent a quarter-century in America building a strong food brand (Tasty Bite) in the natural/organic foods industry. The company has grown every year for the last 24 years and today has over a 1000 employees, a state of the art manufacturing plant in India that makes nearly 200 skus and their products sell in a dozen countries in more than 30,000 retail outlets. In Nov 2017, global consumer giant Mars Inc. acquired Preferred Brands International and today Tasty Bite is the fastest growing food brand in Mars globally. Meera recently relocated to Singapore and set up her next venture C-SAW (Center for the Spread of Affordable Wellness), which will focus on affordable wellness, through an Applied Research Center, Accubator and Advisory services that will aim to deliver transformational and holistic business solutions. Meera works with her husband, Ashok Vasudevan who has been her business partner in Tasty Bite and is currently working on C-SAW as well. Meera & Ashok also set up a fully funded foundation (, with a mission to eradicate hunger and malnourishment in America. Meera began her career as a market researcher in India and co-founded Quantum Consumer Solutions, India’s first and largest specialist qualitative research firm.