Together We Can Resolve The Nutritional Paradox

Felix Miller

COO, Crops for the Future

Felix Miller is 61 years old and holds a Bachelor of Science (1978) and a Master in Business Administration, Universiti Pertanian Malaysia (1992). Felix’s portfolio encompasses fourteen (14) years in the Plantation Division covering Plantation Operations Management; Training & Development, followed by four (4) years in Strategic Management, Operations and Business Re-engineering in the Publications and Media Industry, and a further six (6) years in the Operations and Management of an internet-related MSC business venture before venturing into Malaysian Agri-Food Corporation (6 years) – a national initiative, by Khazanah Nasioanal, as a Senior Vice President  to transform the high tech horticulture & agriculture supply chain sector in Malaysia.

Currently the COO of a world-class agriculture research centre, Crops For the Future.

By character, he is a results-oriented individual with solid consulting and business re-engineering experience combined with excellent presentation and verbal communication and planning skills.