Together We Can Resolve The Nutritional Paradox

Chris Langwallner

Initiator of the Nutritional ParadoxCEO of NamZ

After two decades working for some of the biggest names in the agriculture and food industry and a successful entrepreneurial career as the founder of the leading food ingredients business in Asia, Chris, five years ago, co-founded NamZ in Singapore. Enthusiastically, he brings fair and inclusive business strategies, sciences, and remarkable people together inspired to create nutritious products for a profoundly healthier planet, humanity and economy. Inspired to resolve the dire consequences of, what NamZ calls, the quadruple-burden of the Nutritional Paradox, NamZ uses climate change resilient crops that grow economically on marginalized, degraded arable land and thus protect areas of significant ecological importance. With the foundation right, these scientists then rethink the way foods are being designed, made, and processed. NamZ’s innovation strategy has led to several breakthroughs. For example, its NoodleZ technology disrupts Asia’s 100 billion instant noodle portions (U$ 30 billion) in a novel, three-stranded IP way. After years of research, piloting and scale-up work, and together with a Southeast Asia based partner, NamZ is on its way to install a first of its kind NoodleZ processing line capable of making 350 million portions in the first half of 2019. Chris is passionate about changing the world one meal at the time.

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