Together We Can Resolve The Nutritional Paradox

Breakthrough Experience Event 2019 Highlights

Bringing together multiple stakeholders including government, farmers, NGOs, industries, retailing, capital, marketing, media, sports, and academia, working together through frameworks such as Systems Thinking and Design Thinking, to answer the exam question: “How science, business, government and civil society can come together to alleviate sustainably the quadruple burden of hunger, obesity, micronutrient deficiencies and the destruction of our planet?”

After 3 ½ days, more than 80 public commitments were made, 6 new solutions identified, and we found ourselves embedded in a new ecosystem which today works on changing the world one meal at the time.

Thank you to the participants for making the event a success, and to the co-organisers, the team at
Bridge Partnership and NamZ – Earthnatural Pte. Ltd.

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